Chevy Chase Power Washing

Carlton Cleans provides professional power washing services for residents in Chevy Chase, MD. We specialize in power washing services and have 20 years of experience under our belt. We use just the right amount of pressure to not damage anything, but still wash the dirt and grime off. We will pressure wash any exterior surface you need. Surfaces we clean often are:

In order for your house to be healthy it has to be clean. Grime buildups can lead to the weakening of a home. For sidewalks particularly it can cause the sidewalk to crack from mold spreading in small openings and making them larger into full-blown cracks. The same problem occurs with driveways, which can be dangerous for your car and your family. Your siding can get so infested with the grime that it’s very difficult to wash off. It can get deep into the panels, which makes them vulnerable to being taken off. When power washing, you have to be careful not to knock off parts of the home when cleaning a particularly dirty home. Our Chevy Chase power washing contractors will clean up your home and your property and make it look like new again.

Your home is not the only piece that comes out healthy though: you and your family can breathe easier with a clean home. Just as the inside needs to be cleaned from dust in the air, the outside has mold that can cause difficulties in breathing. This worsens for people with asthma. Anyone who has had a basement with water damage knows that mold has a smell to it and is most certainly circulating in the air around the infested area.

Lastly, your home’s value is directly affected by its appearance. Home-buyers are more likely to buy a house that’s clean and well-kept than one that has mold and vines all over the siding and roof. Power washing your whole home can result in some helpful price jumps when the home appraiser comes through and assesses the value of your home.

If you are looking for Chevy Chase power washing services for your home’s exterior, contact Carlton Cleans today at 301-906-4446!

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