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Exterior House Painting

house paintingExterior house painting is a necessity to not only maintain a property but also increase the property’s value.  Now, when should you revitalize your home’s exterior appeal, you may ask.

Milestone Exterior Maintenance

As a homeowner, you want your home to be as nice and structurally sound as possible. Applying a new coat of paint every 5-7 years makes the exterior of your home more appealing and restores the seal around your home’s exterior to prevent rot and water damage that could devalue your home. Between painting every 5-7 years it is recommended that you have your siding cleaned yearly.

House Painting on All Surfaces

If you happen to have any sort of siding (i.e., vinyl, hardwood, aluminum, etc.), you may wonder if it is possible for you to even paint the house siding, but the answer is yes. Siding, just like paint, has a tendency to occasionally crack, splinter, and fade over time. So, painting your home’s siding is recommended. Take aluminum siding, for example. If your home has aluminum siding, painting it reduces the likelihood of oxidization, mold, and mildew. Painting aluminum siding is the best means to ensure the longevity of your home’s exterior. But, no matter what type of exterior your home has, siding or otherwise, application of a new coat of exterior paint will only be beneficial to you as the homeowner.

House Painting Benefits

Repainting your siding and/or home’s exterior offers long-lasting benefits to you by:
  • Restoring weathered or faded siding to nearly factory-new appearance
  • Adding curb appeal and value to your home
  • Protecting the siding from the elements with the most current in paint technology

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If you are looking to sell or simply improve your home’s value by utilizing our house painting services give us a call at 301-906-4446 or contact us online at Carlton Cleans, today!  To ensure Carlton Cleans services your area, check out our service area map.  Here at Carlton Cleans we take pride in taking care of all your home siding and exterior house painting needs.
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